Featured in Edition VI of Mavguard Magazine

Featured Poet - Tara Kay Johnson "The Flower Man"

Featured Artist - Kaysie "Cistern"

Tara Kay Jonhson, "Desert Child"

Tara is a 25-year-old, born and raised in rural West Michigan. She works full time at an industrial finishing company and spends most of her free time binge watching Netflix and eating Taco Bell. She takes advantage of every sparing second of the beautiful Michigan summer outside in the woods or at Lake Michigan, enjoying the summer sun and heat. She writes in her spare time and has always enjoyed writing fiction when she has the patience to develop an idea. Tara's interests very vastly, ranging from Disney movies to a strange attraction to the macabre and darker sides of life.

Kaysie, "Cistern"

Kaysie is an office manager who enjoys spending time outdoors, watching the local hummingbirds fight over the feeders, but her passion is in cooking and entertaining, and she greatly enjoys tweaking every recipe she tries—because every recipe needs some modification. Kaysie has lived most of her life in New Mexico, though she was raised in Michigan. In 2016, she took her first trip to Europe where she quickly acquired a love for Ireland and almost all things Irish. She has since been cooking (and tweaking) Irish dishes and listening to Irish music whenever she can, while frequently daydreaming on the Emerald Isle via Google Earth. The photo “Cistern” was taken on a cool autumn day on a trail along the coast of Reykjanesbaer, Iceland.