Frequently Asked Questions

What does Mavguard Magazine Publish?

All forms of fiction, poetry, and print media (photographs, statues, graphic design, heavily edited/digitally manipulated photography, etc.) are accepted as submissions.

What does Mavguard mean?

Mavguard is a combination of Maverick and Vanguard: two words that define the intentions and policy of Mavguard Magazine. We work with artists who want to go against the grain, and we ourselves go against the “normal” order of things by working primarily with unestablished artists and authors

Where does Mavguard service?

Mavguard Magazine accepts submissions (in English) from around the globe, and makes eReader and print editions available at RAD Writing's online store. Currently, print runs of the magazine are only available inside the United States.

What are Feature Slots?

Feature slots are more prominent slots within Mavguard Magazine, and are only given to up to five artists or authors in each edition of the magazine. Only new, unestablished authors and artists are eligible, and every form of submission is eligible. Feature slots do not overlap with the Staff Pick.

What is a Staff Pick?

The Staff Pick is the only paid slot available to unestablished authors or artists. It is chosen by the staff at RAD Writing out of all pieces selected for an edition of the magazine, regardless of publication status of the authors/artists. Staff Picks do not overlap with Feature slots. The Staff Pick is only awarded when an author or artist's work is exemplary and stands out among all submissions.

How do I receive payment if my piece is published in the magazine?

Currently, RAD Writing only makes payments available via PayPal.

What forms of payment does Mavguard accept? (for contests)

Mavguard Magazine accepts any payment given through PayPal (credit card or PayPal account).

When is the submission window open?

The submission window for Mavguard Magazine is open from March 1 to June 30 AND September 1 to December 31.

What forms of art are acceptable for Mavguard Magazine?

Mavguard Magazine accepts any form of visual art. Photography, statues, edited photos, graphic design, sketches, paintings, etc.

If you have a specific piece of art you’re unsure about, Contact Us.

Why doesn't Mavguard publish nonfiction?

Here at Mavguard Magazine we specialize in fiction, and we believe that allowing nonfiction to be entered into the magazine would create too great a deviation from our goals as a literary and art magazine.

My story isn't finished. Can I still submit it to Mavguard Magazine?

No. We cannot accept works that have not been completed. If you need help in editing or are struggling to decide how to complete your work, feel free to contact RAD Writing. They specialize in editing, and love to help new authors with their work.

Still can’t find the answer to your question? Contact Us