About Us

Mavguard Magazine is a bi-annual literary and arts magazine owned by RAD Writing. We cater especially to young blood, to authors and artists who haven’t yet been published. Though we do offer slots to those who have previously been published, we prefer to work with those who still need to get their name out in the world.

We offer Feature slots for up to five new authors or artists in each edition of Mavguard Magazine, and one Staff Pick slot to the piece most enjoyed by our staff. Feature and Staff Pick slots are given more prominence in the magazine, and the Staff Pick also receives payment for their entry.

All previously established authors and artists (those who have been published at least three times prior) will be eligible to receive payment for their work but are ineligible for Feature slots, as Mavguard Magazine is most interested in those who have not yet been established.

All currently released editions of Mavguard Magazine are available at RAD Writing's online store.